Ophthalmologist in Anchorage, AK

Dr. Marvin J. Grendahl
Dr. Marvin J. Grendahl, chief surgeon and medical director, heads Grendahl Eye Associates medical and surgical team. He acquired his undergraduate degree at the University of Minnesota with a major in Physiology and a minor in Physical Chemistry. Dr. Grendahl did Ph.D work in Physiology and a minor in Physical Chemistry. He finished his preliminary writtens and orals and all of the course work and research and went directly into Ophthalmology residency without writing his Ph.D thesis. Dr. Grendahl’s training in Physiology and Physical Chemistry and background in research has given him a keen ability to sort out new emerging technologies and surgical techniques early on in their development so that he can incorporate them into the medical and surgical practice. This has helped to place Grendahl Eye Associates on the cutting edge of technology. Dr. Grendahl went to medical school at the University of Minnesota, and did his ophthalmology residency at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. He has been in private practice in Anchorage, AK since 1977.

Dr. Grendahl has extensive training in Cataract surgery and pioneered the correction of Astigmatism at the time of Cataract surgery. This is known as Refractive Cataract surgery. He helped develop Astigmatic Keratotomy done in combination with Cataract surgery, when there were only a handful of surgeons doing this technique in the world. He has taught other doctors in the U.S. and Canada about this technique. He was the first to bring foldable intraocular lenses to the state of Alaska, and he was the first to use multifocal intraocular lenses in the state of Alaska. Dr. Grendahl has done Refractive surgery since 1985 and introduced Radial and Astigmatic Keratotomy to the state of Alaska the same year. He has performed thousands of Refractive surgical procedures and Cataract procedures. He has taught Refractive surgery in China, South Africa, Russia and in the U.S. He also edited a book on Refractive surgery, called Sudden Vision. He has extensive experience with numerous types of laser eye surgery and introduced the YAG laser to the state of Alaska. Dr. Grendahl was one of the primary doctors that brought the Excimer laser to Alaska. He has attended many symposiums on the Excimer laser, ALK, LASIK, PRK, and RK, AK. Dr. Grendahl has a keen interest in the understanding of Laser Physics. He has received comprehensive personnel training from many of the pioneers of the Excimer laser. He did his mini fellowship training for the LASIK procedure with Dr. Peter Stewart in Merichador, Australia.

He formed Grendahl Eye Associates in 1996, and has been in private practice since 1977. Dr. Grendahl has privileges at Alaska Regional Hospital, Providence Hospital, and the Alaska Surgery Center. He developed the anterior segment eye service at Alaska Regional hospital and at the Alaska Surgery Center.


Dr. Robin L. Grendahl

Dr. Robin Grendahl specializes in pediatric ophthalmology and eye motility disorders. She also has an interest in cosmetic eyelid surgery including facial skin resurfacing and BOTOX® Cosmetic injections.

Dr. Grendahl grew up in Alaska where she attended high school. She graduated Summa cum Laude with a degree in biology from the University of San Diego. After completing undergraduate training, Dr. Grendahl attended the University of Washington School of Medicine where she obtained her medical degree with honors.

Upon graduation from medical school, Dr. Grendahl performed a one-year general medical internship at the University of Washington. This was followed by three years of residency in ophthalmology. Her subspecialty training in pediatric ophthalmology was performed at Wills Eye Hospital under the direction of Joseph H. Calhoun M.D.